Established in 1998, That’s-A-Wrap Productions is an independent film and television production company based in Sydney Australia.

Our work encompasses live-television productions; film development & marketing; series financing, development & distribution; and visual effects and animation.

We work with talented and award winning writers, actors, producers, directors and crew to develop & produce creative projects that are both diverse and engaging.

Our Work

About us

That’s-A-Wrap Productions was formed by Executive Producers Veronica Mendez and Rick Ennis; whom with a shared passion for film and television committed to opening a company that would produce distinctive and entertaining film and television projects.

With a strong and dissimilar development slate, That’s-A-Wrap Productions has received continued support from within the mainstream film industry, state and territory film bodies and television networks.

In 2011 That’s-A-Wrap Productions will continue to develop and finance its diverse slate of television projects and feature films specifically for International and Australian markets, utilizing the latest in technology to deliver story’s that excite and engage audiences.

Mailing Address
Rouse Hill Town Centre
PO Box 6367
Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155

Phone: +612 9238 8041
Fax: +612 9238 8080